We take pride in offering a selection of exquisitely designed, luscious cakes made from the finest quality ingredients: farm fresh eggs, Belgian chocolate, heavy cream and fresh, sweet butter. All wedding cakes are adorned with fresh garden flowers. Choose from any of the following:


(All prices are per person.)

White Chocolate Raspberry Cake

fine textured, rich white chocolate cake,
filled with white chocolate mousseline
buttercream and fresh berries, iced with
white chocolate Chambord buttercream


Lemon Raspberry Cake
light, moist lemon genoise filled
with very lemony mousse and fresh
raspberries, iced with lemon buttercream


Chocolate Mousse Cake
dark chocolate cake, filled with bittersweet
chocolate mousse and berries, if desired,
iced with white chocolate buttercream


Chocolate Grand Marnier Cake
double chocolate cake, filled with
chocolate Grand Marnier ganache, iced
with Grand Marnier buttercream


Citrus Cake
orange genoise, filled with orange
and lemon curd buttercream, iced
with Grand Marnier buttercream


Chocolate Praline Cake
chocolate almond cake, filled
with praline buttercream, iced
with Frangelico buttercream


Chocolate Hazelnut Cake
hazelnut genoise with frangelico, filled with
chocolate ganache and toasted hazelnuts,
iced with Frangelico buttercream


Café Au Lait
milk and white chocolate coffee cheesecake with
Kahlua, between layers of coffee genoise, finished
with chocolate cream cheese buttercream


White Velvet Cake
soft white cake with vanilla
or liqueur buttercream


White & Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake
dense, moist chocolate almond cake, filled with
white and dark truffle creams; finished in dark
or white chocolate mousseline buttercream


Carrot Cake
very moist cake with pineapple,
coconut, walnuts and raisins, finished
with cream cheese buttercream