Geo-mancy translates as (geo) Earth, (mancy) deep knowledge of or divination, i.e. deep understanding of Nature's patterns and relationships. Various emergent disciplines are reinforcing this quest: Deep ecology, Eco-psychology, Permaculture etc.

Feng shui (Chinese geomancy) has been cultivated, virtually without interuption, for more than 3 thousand years.

Geomantic practices have existed in all cultures. Geomancy was employed to determine proper orientation and placement in order to assure harmony between people and their environments.



In Europe the geomantic lineage of knowledge was severed with the new mechanistic/rationalist science and the zealotry and intolerance of new religion about 400 years ago. This was the time when millions were burned at the stake and many ancient sites destroyed.

Geomancy is the art and science of the Holos; the practices of integration which seek to cultivate Harmonic order. We are now at the beginning stages of re-enchanting our relationships with the Natural Order through expanding awareness of the invisible and energetic realms. The inner and the outer realms are reflections of each other.

It is by the gift of feng shui that we in the Western world are now reconnecting with the rich and ancient traditions of place and placement.

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