Labyrinth Installations


Walk the Labyrinth on your own land or garden.

We will work together to co-create this ancient and beautiful form. Each Labyrinth is unique and designed according to space and aesthetic considerations.


Labyrinths take many shapes and forms and are regarded as Earth Mysteries. The classic seven curcuit unicursal labyrinth (pictured) has been found in many ancient cultures. One of the greatest concentrations of the 7-curcuit form is found along the Baltic Sea on the coast of Sweden. They were an integral part of the Matriarchal cultures.i.e. Minoan, as well as Hopi and Hindu.


The labyrinth is an ancient tool for contemplation and inner-cultivation. In walking the labyrinth we can access deeper places within ourselves. It is an ancient symbol of the archetypal feminine , the spiraling circle, the non-lineal way. The many turns to the left and right reinforce integration of left/ right hemispheres of the brain. Walking the labyrinth can represent many levels of Life's journey; it celebrates the great mystery and symbolizes the spiritual quest.


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