Just kidding! Got you to look though, didn't I!
(I was at a friend's house the other day and their kids were having fun with this educational computer game that taught them factual information in a fun way. It is called, "You Don't Know Jack." I guess it's also a TV show.

So, I have created our own version, "You Don't Know Jack - Bainbridge Island." I thought the Community Network could use such a tool to dispel rumors, correct some of the inaccurate information floating around, and expand your base of knowledge about your home town, all at the same time.)

Be seeing you - Dave
  • A great achievement has taken place here on The Island. In case you didn't know, our Little League Baseball Team has won the right to compete nationally in the Little League World Series.
  • Bainbridge Island has 45 to 50 miles of shoreline, depending on the tide and reference.
  • The Island is about 10 miles long and 4.7 miles wide.
  • The Island's highest point is 425 feet at Fort Ward.
  • Population is about 20,700
  • There are 11 potential salmon spawning streams on the Island.
  • A particular retail merchant on this Island pays about $1800 a year to a company that runs a banner ad of their biggest internet competitor on the web page where they have only a line listing.
  • Our Economic Development Council recently held the Island's first internet conference at Wing Point County Club. They held up Port Angeles as a model of how to do a community internet site that we will all look to as model. I'll be sure to have the address here when they have their site up. Know what an important part of the success of the Port Angeles project will be? They have the support of their City.
  • Wing Point gets its name from the fact that it is shaped like a bird's wing.
  • Bill Point looks like a duck's bill from the air.
  • Green Spot gets its name from the field where they held the mules used in the logging operation. The grass was always green from the manure.
  • Bainbridge Island Community Network has been serving this community since 1995. (and that's no green spot)
If you didn't know these things