It's down the garden path we go.

Welcome to Frog Rock Lavender Farm
The lavender growing operation is situated in a small secluded valley.
Lavender is a sun loving plant
That's why you will find sunflowers at the end of the row.
It is a field of fragrant dreams.
Lavender likes to have friends around. It's color and hardiness works well in mixed garden situations.
Here is some of the rest of the garden area.
Frog Rock Lavender Farm is a U-pick lavender farm. Great place for an outing. There is a pond on the property and Fey Bainbridge State Park is not far a way. For more information visit their web site.

If you have a garden that you would like to share with Bainbridge Island and the rest of the world but do it in such a way as to preserve your privacy or make yourself known, just click on the email button and drop me a note.
Be seeing you - Dave