Eagle Harbor Clean Up

Thank you to the Caicos crew, crane operator, driver, and volunteers from Eagle Harbor for a successful clean up.

By the way, it is pretty much done, there is just three rusty propone tanks that need to find their way to the Moderate Risk waste facility in Port Orchard (thursday through Saturday 10-4) Anyone heading that way??

Here's a recap from the the last two days. Monday, 7/9, 4 pm- at City Dock. Bill, Ed, John, and Bob from Caicos. Bob Selzler from BIHS, Langley Gace from BIHC. Local residents Greg Hiatt and Dave Ullin . Greg had rigged it to be raised and towed. They towed it below the tug "resolute" Brought blue sailboat to shore, then Red sailboat to shore, then the work float with the houseboat on it. Unable to bring floor of "tiny island" from south beach, not enough water to reach it. First, the red boat would not fit in the debris truck, laid it back down, then placed the blue boat in the truck, partially fell apart on the hook. Will have volunteers retreive heavier debirs at low tide on Tuesday, 2:30 pm. Raised float to height of box, and transferred entire load by hand (Ed and Ben.) Quit at 9 pm. Still have the red boat and debris to place in the truck- will return on Tuesday. Mike McCarthy and volunteers scheduled to pick up and crush all remaining debris in preparation for the truck at 5:30.

Tuesday, 2:30- waterfront dock to help with clean up. Liveaboards Mike Martin, Dave Ullin, Claudette Boudreaux and Todd were hard at work chopping up the remaining debris and putting it on the float. We then sifted through the remaining debris and put it on the flaot. Mike McCarthy, Scott, and Dave Ullin and Matthew from Caicos then went on to the South side of the harbor and demo'd the floor from the houseboat. The truck driver arrived at 5:30 and began loading with the Caicos crane. At 7 :30, I returned from the BIHC meeting- They had towed the floor across the harbor and preparing it for the crane. Dave ullin was waist deep in the water, cutting the rest of the way with an ax.

Needless to say, you all worked really well together- it couldn't have happened without all of you, THANK YOU! -Tami Allen, Harbormaster