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"There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats...or with boats... in or out of 'em, it doesn't matter."
Kenneth Grahame




If you know anything about boats then you know you have to get creative every now and then when you are installing something. You can go to the Yacht supply where the maitre d' verifies the balance on your platinum card before you pass the threshold or you can rummage around the shop and see what works, both methods work.

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Today's project is a radar mounting bracket. They come in three models but only two are considered practical. The one shown here is the four legged model and is the universal favorite and the most common found. Sturdy, made of mahogany (goes good with most trim and can be painted or varnished for that "classic" look. This is the one we use on the SS Bainbridge but in the varnished version. You have to be good to tell the difference between the teak and the mahogany.

If your cabin top had a compound "tumble home" you will be better off resorting to the three legged model. (There is a one legged model preferred by some boat builders but it requires guys and is usually more trouble than it is worth.) There is a taller model you might want to consider if you are going off shore. It is called the "bar" model. The main advantage is that if you are going to take a little water over the bridge it gives you something to hang on to when you get "sloshed".

After you get everything lined up, run two pieces of all-tread rod down through a cross bar, through the top of the house and secure with nuts and thrust washers. Make sure you use some Dolfinite to bed the washers where they go through the top of the house. If you are from the Southern Hemisphere you might try Vegimite, I hear that it taste about the same.

Well that's about it from the Marine Project Center for the moment. If you have a question or suggestion we are always open to new ideas. Coming soon, "The Wonders of Duck Tape" and it's uses around the water.

A future project will be: The Ultra Light Kayak you can make at home in your spare time using duct tape and a plastic drop cloth.

Be seeing you - Dave