Our Purpose

Why do this? What's the value of developing this maritime-oriented Boat Yard project?

This waterfront location represents a fair chunk of Puget Sound's maritime history and culture. For well over a century, Bainbridge Island was an important part of the Pacific Northwest's shipping and ship-building economy. Until very recently, the site was home to the last commercial boat yard and ways on Eagle Harbor. The Boat Yard project would re-establish the Island's longstanding involvement with boats, ships and the marine trade, and showcase the maritime culture that has defined the Puget Sound area. Names like Foss, Port Blakely, and the Hall Brothers will once again evoke images of sailing ships and shipyard activity. The project, while unique in its location and concept, is designed to enhance and coordinate with other maritime projects throughout the region. It will offer a home for tall ships and old steamers that are known around the Sound, and could provide a venue for coordinated efforts to preserve our maritime history.

The site's geographical setting makes it an ideal spot for public participation. The boat yard is convenient to marinas and anchorages. Visitors will find that it can be reached by boat, on foot or bicycle, via ferry from Seattle, or by car. It is at the heart of Winslow (the largest "town" on Bainbridge Island) both geographically and historically.

In addition, it offers far-reaching economic benefits, both locally and regionally. The Boat Yard would become a destination, drawing people and resources to the entire region.


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