The Boat Yard

A trek through this website will take you into the heart of an ambitious idea in its infancy: the possibility of reinventing the current ferry maintenance yard on Bainbridge Island as an inviting and vital public maritime center. I am providing a starting point, but this idea is for all of us to develop and follow the dream. It is not mine, but all of ours -- and needs to be. By the time this information hits the streets and the internet it will already be a dream shared by many, and growing.

The simplest way to give you a sense of the project is to say it's like a Mystic Seaport of the West Coast. It is a project that holds great meaning and far-reaching benefits. Of all the years I have lived in the Pacific Northwest and here on Bainbridge Island (about 20 years), I have never seen a project more worthy of my time and energy than this one, with the exception of ...

Bainbridge Island Community Network.

The Virgina V in Eagle Harbor The indexed drawing below is an overview of The Boat Yard Project and its geographic location. The Bainbridge Island ferry terminal is to the right, and the town of Winslow is to the left of the drawing. This site has good parking, is tied to Winslow's Waterfront Trail System (here on Bainbridge Island), and provides good walking access from downtown Seattle via the ferry. Click on each of the areas below for more details.

Watch for continuous updates

Pros & Cons
Updates on "What's Happening"

Note: I had a little display up at our Fourth of July event here on Bainbridge, lots of great comments, NO negative ones, in fact one guy wants me to do the project at Port Ludlow instead of Eagle Harbor.

Good article in the Bremerton Sun, June 22, West Sound section by Todd Westbrook on the subject. He did a good job covering the basics.

1 - Community Center

2 - Working Boat Yard

3 - Cottage Industry Shops

4 - B.I. Historical Museum

    5 - Dinghy Dock, Visitor Moorage
Boat Rentals & Water Taxi

6 - Ship Chandler,
Supplies and Port Office

7 - Heritage Ship Moorage
and Marine Exhibitions

8 - Old Ferry: Restaurant
& Maritime Museum

9 - Board Walk to:
Waterfront Park, Winslow,
Dock Facilities, Ferry
and Waterfront Trail

10 - Parking

Where To From Here, and What You Can Do

Project conceived and created by David Henry & Friends of Bainbridge Is. Community Network
Architectural drawing & planning courtesy of Miles Yanick & Co. - Architects
Editing assistance - Gwen Berry
Water Color Paintings of the Virginia V, The Adventurous and Pacific Pilot Five
Courtesy of Garrold Dowel and are for sale - 206-855-9352

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