Where To From Here,
and What You Can Do

As of this launch (June 21, 1999) we are still working on the details of a plan of action. As you might imagine, this project will be fraught with politics, good ideas, people, and interests jockeying for position. That's neither good nor bad, it's just the nature of these things.

There is currently a growing interest in moving the Ferry Maintenance Yard to Bremerton. That has had nothing to do with our project until now, but is one of the reasons for bringing this idea forth, publicly, at this time. I also am aware that the head of the Ferry System recently announced that they have no interest in abandoning the Eagle Harbor yard. If I were in his shoes I would probably say the same thing; but he also made the statement without any knowledge of this project. The Ferry System is obligated to view things from their perspective and interests.

I, on the other hand, have no such constraints. I personally have nothing to gain from developing this project other than seeing something I love and care about survive. When you weigh the value of having a ferry maintenance yard in this location (when other options exist) against the social, educational, historic and regional economic value that The Boat Yard Project represents; can we let this opportunity pass by without at least taking an objective look at the potential?

I have thought long and hard about this project, weighing its possibilities for over a year. I have realized that here is a project worth my time and effort, an important contribution that I can make to this region, with benefits reaching way beyond my immediate sphere. I am a person who makes things happen. I am here to stay, and so is this website. I view the development of this project as at least a five year effort.

With the assistance of a growing group of interested people, I am in the process of contacting groups and individuals of interest. As I stated in the introduction to this website, this is not just my project -- it is for all of us to create and develop. The Boat Yard Project is open for ideas, input, opinions, and discussion.

I am using the name, "The Boat Yard" because that is what we've been calling that area for as long as I can remember, that and "Trask's" - the name of the previous owner. On this website I will have an area to collect other name ideas. Coming soon will be a contact section for people wishing information or who have a skill to offer or areas of interest that they wish to assist in. We will be doing an online newsletter to keep everyone up-to-date on events, progress and who's who.

My great strength in this is that I have been using and studying the use of the internet to network and build community for the past five years, and that is what we are doing here: networking and building a cohesive community around an interest and a project involving our maritime heritage and culture.

Step aboard and put your oar in the water.

For now you can email your interest and comments, questions, suggestions, or whatever to me:

Dave Henry

Thanks for your interest!

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