Bainbridge Island Resilient Community Network

About Us

Bainbridge Island Resilient Community Network is a group of concerned local citizens representing many walks of life. As volunteers, we are working with local and county leadership, emergency response services and businesses. We are currently motivated by the possible and probable disruptions from the problem known as Y2K. We believe it is important to plan for inconsistent supplies of electricity, fuel, food, money, water and other essential services in the months leading up to and following January 1, 2000. However, we also strive to build a resilient community in case of all possible situations that might lead to similar inconsistencies in supplies and services, and a greater sense of community.

Please read our Mission Statement and Disclaimer for more information on our purpose, objectives, strategies and organization.

In addition to utilizing this site for education, resources, and up-to-date information on the activities of BIRCN, we welcome your participation in our network. For more information please contact:

Neva Welton


Questions and updates pertaining to this site can be addressed to

Neva Welton at
Dave Henry 842-0236


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