The Speakers

Clarence Moriwaki

Frank Kitamoto

Mayor Darlene Kordonowy

Congressman Jay Inslee
"This very important anniversary calls upon the citizens of Bainbridge Island to tell the story of American history," said Inslee. "We must remember transgressions of the past in order to prevent them from happening again."
Inslee's legislation will help secure the future of the area around the former Eagledale Ferry Dock, located at mouth of Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island, as a public park.

Governor Gary Locke - Speach Transcript
There's a sacredness to this corner of land, one that transcends the old ferry landing and the dark beauty of Eagle Harbor: It's enshrined by 227 innocent men, women, and children uprooted and shipped away. 227 men, women, and children who lost their innocence sixty years ago, as the American creed embodied in Thomas Jefferson's words that "all men are created equal" was bitterly forsaken. (continue)


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